An entirely new neighborhood is being built at Oceanhamnen in Helsingborg. Serneke is one of the few building contractors that build homes with condominiums here. To distinguish themselves from the competitors, the assignment was to position Serneke’s house in relation to the other housing units and to market the project.


We developed a concept that is rooted in Serneke’s overall position and dressed the property with a name and a sincere and personal tonality that breathes Serneke‘s brisk tonality and style. The concept is manifested, among other things, through personal stories at a micro-local level. We also presented content for Serneke’s web based project site, created marketing material and arranged an event to kick off the sales.

See the overall sales brochure.

Creative team

Concept: Bengt Thorn, Patric Karlsson, Therese Henriksson, Albin Wahlgren
Copywriter: Therese Henriksson
Art Director: Albin Wahlgren
Project Manager: Eva Gunnarsson