In connection with the product launch of Lindab UltraLink – a unique and energy-saving method for accurate measurement of air flow, we developed the strategy and created the marketing material.

The first version of Lindab UltraLink as a single product has previously been launched and communicated with the help of us. And after further development of the technology, Lindab was ready to offer complete energy-efficient ventilation systems where UltraLink is included.


Sales Brochure SE
Sales brochure UK
Image and infotainment film
Sales tool
Updates on landing page
3D images
Calculation tool

Creative team

Concept: Bengt Thorn, Patric Karlsson, Therese Henriksson, Albin Wahlgren
Copywriter: Therese Henriksson
Art Director: Albin Wahlgren
Project Manager: Eva Gunnarsson