Fler Bostäder has made it their mission to create better housing that more people have the opportunity to move into. Their houses are built with a long-term perspective in mind and keeping the tenants at the center of attention. Housing with carefully selected materials that take the environment into consideration which give people a better everyday life. Fler Bostäder want to challenge and change the construction industry. And focus on what really matters. We, therefore, started a new kind of popularity in their marketing communications. Both visually and purely linguistically.


The result is a tone and a visual profile that is genuine and colorful and that goes hand in hand with the new brand platform. Here we have tried to advance the balance between popular and new. The goal was a relaxed and confident visual profile that most people might like. The imagery portrays the home feeling. The scruffy hair. Friday coziness. Yes, life simply.

I worked on the idea of a new kind of folklore and a personal tone when I wrote the copy to the brochure and website.

Creative team

Concept: Bengt Thorn, Patric Karlsson
Copywriter: Therese Henriksson
Art Director: Mie Karlsson
Project Manager: Antonie Skansenhäll