Is it possible to be climate-smart and at the same time conscious about fashion? Of course! F/ACT Movement is a new movement that wants to inspire to new sustainable choices without sacrificing our passion for clothing and fashion.

The research project were searching for 10 F/activists, who would go through some kind of shopping detox from March to August 2019, but at the same time did they get the opportunity to activate clothes from their own wardrobes in various creative ways. Experts, inspirers, creators, designers and lecturers participated in monthly meetings where the F/activists talked about different themes in sustainable fashion choices.

I was selected as one of the 10 F/activists.

F/ACT is a part of the Circular Textile Initiative. It is run by Re:textile, Göteborgsregionen and Swedish Fashion Council and is financed by Avfall Sverige together with Västra Götalandsregionen and Naturvårdsverket (the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency).

Why did I apply for F/ACT Movement?

I’ll tell you now. It doesn’t matter if I scroll on Instagram, peek with a half-dead commitment on Facebook or take a walk in the city. I always get a reminder that my wardrobe doesn’t serve as it is. Everywhere I’m tempted to buy another garment. I’m even haunted by the latest shoes and blouses I last checked online. Buy us. Preferably now. There are a few lefts. If you shop now you get a 20 percent discount too. And the next day it’s a sale.

No wonder there is a constant fight between my shopping desires and the insight about our planet that is about to collapse.

I want to feel satisfied with the garments in my wardrobe. I want to feel that fewer garments are okay. And above all, I want to be able to inspire others to a more sustainable wardrobe without climate anxiety and the feeling of not having anything to wear. I believe that there is an opportunity to shop more sustainably and choose fewer garments with better quality. But I think we need more inspirers and role models to succeed. That’s why I signed up on that.

To be a F/activist and inspirer!

Fashion should be sustainable

Our mission during the project was to activate our wardrobes and challenge the fashion industry. The best way to get more peoples eyes on this was, therefore, to inspire others through social channels. I shared my journey to a more sustainable wardrobe on Instagram and my personal blog.

Some of my texts were published on F/ACT Movement website as an inspiration for more people.

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Article: Köpte inte nya kläder på 6 månader – så var det

Take a look at my Instagram for posts and texts linked to the project. On my blog can you find tips, thoughts and reflections.