The assignment was to raise awareness that Kavalleristen (a traditional property in Helsingborg owned and managed by Castellum) had changed and developed and that there now was a possibility of establishing customised offices in the updated, modern property.


In order to be noticed in the media noise and create greater impact, we created a brand-strengthening advertising campaign with the main message “Sjukt bra lokalsinne” (Great sense of direction in english). The message conveys Castellum’s unique mind to develop premises into creative environments that increase well-being, efficiency, work satisfaction, and profitability.

The campaign was made through radio advertising, Adshel ads, bus backs and bus squares, print ads in Hallå Helsingborg, Primetime Öresund and Lokaltidningen and digital ads on, Facebook and Instagram.

See the campaign here.

Creative team

Concept: Bengt Thorn, Patric Karlsson, Therese Henriksson, Albin Wahlgren
Copywriter: Therese Henriksson
Art Director: Albin Wahlgren
Photographer: Albin Wahlgren
Film producer: Albin Wahlgren
Project Manager: Therese Henriksson